Streamflo Velocity Meter

The Streamflo series of instruments are used to measure, indicate and record very low velocities of water and other conductive fluids. Designed primarily for laboratory and specialised industrial use, the miniature head of the flow sensing probe can be inserted into small ducts and channels where it has the ability to measure velocities as low as 5.0 cm/sec. It is thus suitable for measuring accurately the velocities in hydraulic models of river estuaries, dams, harbours, etc., in addition to field measurements of clean water flows.

Using indicator model 430, a completely portable system requiring no mains supply is available. This is ideal for carrying around from one measuring point to the next. The use of two probes allows the range of detectable flow rates to be extended up to 300 cm/sec. All components have been chosen carefully to give long reliable life with the minimum changes in calibration within the operating temperature range stated under specification. The sensing probe was originally designed by the British Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Further development by Nixon Flowmeters has resulted in a compact system offering digital indication with optional recording facilities.

403 Standard Low Speed Probe 5.0 to 150 cm/sec
404 Standard High Speed Probe

60 to 300 cm/sec

Fitted with streamlined fairing to provide additional mechanical strength and freedom from turbulence at higher velocities.
150 cm/sec.

423 90 Degree Angles Probe vertical velocities over the range 5.0 to 150 cm/sec


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