Biral BTD-300 Thunderstorm Detector
Biral BTD-300 Thunderstorm Detector
  • Total lightning activity – all forms of lightning detected and ranged (including intracloud)
  • Designed to meet US FAA and European regulations for standalone thunderstorm detectors
  • 83 km (51 mile) detection range with customisable warning ranges
  • Extremely high detection efficiency with  >95% of total lightning detected
  • Low false alarm rate at <2%
  • Alert if overhead cloud is strongly electrified BEFORE the first lightning flash
  • Optional lightning direction finder module
  • Immune to all forms of radio interference
  • Two second update period – detection of lightning before you hear the thunder!
  • No optical sensors to maintain - not affected by local lights or reflections
  • Can operate in harsh weather conditions - heated as standard
  • Ethernet connection as standard, with option for serial data output (RS422/RS485)
  • Option for three relay outputs for direct control of warning lights and sirens
  • Advanced self-test features
  • Automatic monitoring of site characteristics which affect performance
  • Low power requirements (<10W)
  • Minimal maintenance requirements and running costs
  • Simple plinth or pole mounting
  • Lightning surge protection!




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