• Digital readout
  • Switchable decimal point 
  • Narrow band filters on rotating discs
  • Electronic ignition of flame
  • Electronic flame failure protection
  • Automatic regulation of air supply
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning
  • Recorder output
  • Detection limits ppm: o Na 0.2 o K 0.2 o Li 0.25 o Ca 15 o Ba 30
  • Reproducibility: 1% CV for 20 consecutive samples using 10ppm Na, set to read 50.0
  • Linearity: Better than 2% when concentration of 3ppm, Na and K and 5ppm Li are set to read 100
  • Specificity: Interference from Na, K, Li equal in concentration to test element will be less than 0.5%.
  • Recorder output: Nominal 1V for a reading of 100.0
  • Dimensions: 420mm x 360mm x 300mm 
  • Weight: 8kg


- 230V 50Hz single phase


- Moisture and oil free 6 litres/minute at 1Kg/cm2


- Propane, butane or natural gas (specify correct regulator when ordering)

Supplied with Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba filters, fuel and air connectors, instructions and service manual.


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