Neon Remote Terminal - Inmarsat Range Models 2018F & 2022F
Neon Remote Terminal - Inmarsat Range Models 2018F & 2022F
Neon Remote Terminal - Inmarsat Range Models 2018F & 2022F Neon Remote Terminal - Inmarsat Range Models 2018F & 2022F
Neon Remote Terminal - Inmarsat Range Models 2018F & 2022F

The 2018 Neon Remote Terminals NRT is self-contained data logger/RTU in a compact aluminium case which connects to sensors in the field, collects readings from those sensors, and transmits the collected data, like TCP/IP packets to a central Neon server via an Inmarsat Satellite Network.

The 2022 Neon Remote Terminal NRT transmits the collected data to a central Neon server using least cost routing between the cellular 3G network and Inmarsat Satellite Network. The available USB port provides support for additional optional accessories

All Neon data logger/ RTU units routinely collect and log sensor data and periodically connect to a central Neon comms and web server via an IP network using a push data model to upload the logged data. The central Neon server can be cloud-hosted, virtual or physical. The Neon server is offered as a Neon data hosted service using a Unidata Neon server for a monthly fee or customers can purchase Neon server license and run the Neon software on their own server.

The Neon system receives, processes, displays, stores and reports collected data in many ways. The Neon system also can issue control commands based on pre-set algorithms and issue alarms and notifications via several mediums. Alarm setpoints can be set up on the Neon data logger/ RTU units as well as the Neon central server and alarm notifications can be sent via several methods including email and SMS text messages. Alarm triggers can initiate physical actions in the field such as turning pumps on and off or activating other control functions based on the internal program within the Neon data logger/ RTU.

The Neon system has fully bi-directional communications between the Neon data logger/ RTU units and the central Neon server. This allows for remote diagnosis, remote programming and remote firmware updating for the operation of the remote equipment and thereby reducing costly site visits. Neon data logger/ RTU units can be configured to read sensors, log data internally to local memory and push data to the central Neon server at user-settable intervals such as once a minute, every few minutes, every hour, once a day. Data to be viewed on the Neon Web server in near real-time from any browser and can be reported to other systems using email, ftp, and web services.

Material: ABS IP65 Sealed Enclosure
Size:  115mm x 70mm x 83mm (LxWxH)
Weight:  270 grams
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C. Not affected by humidity
Display Format Four lines x 16 Characters
LCD Type Supertwist (STN), yellow-green with backlight
Optimum Viewing 6 o’clock
Power Supply  8 to 18VDC @ 20mA
Serial Signal: HSIO Standard Synchronous Protocol
Serial Protocol ASCII text special commands for formatting
Dimensions 2103F 135x35x20mm (LxWxD)


Analog Inputs: 4
Counter Inputs 4
External Power 12-24V
Instrument Power Supply 2103F none
2103F-S5 SYNC 5.1V
2103F-S9 SYNC 9.9V
2103F-O5 OUT0 5.1V
2103F-O9 OUT0 9.9V



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