SC932A 9-Pin to 9-Pin RS-232 Interface
SC932A 9-Pin to 9-Pin RS-232 Interface

The SC932A supports two-way communications between a data logger and a device that is configured with an RS-232 DCE serial port. Common Campbell Scientific devices used with the SC932A include our SRM-5A RAD Short Haul Modem and RavenXT-series digital cellular modems. The SC932A can also be used with third-party fiber optic modems, Hayes-compatible modems, satellite transmitters, and spread-spectrum radios. The SC932A is compatible with any data logger that has a CS I/O port.

Benefits and Features

  • Communicates at baud rates up to 115.2 kbps
  • Provides true RS-232 signal levels
  • Compatible with most Campbell Scientific data loggers

The SC932A is a 9-pin to 9-pin interface. Modems with a 25-pin DCE serial port, such as the SRM-5A, connect to the SC932A via the 15751 adapter.

This interface provides true RS-232 signal levels. It does not support one-way output or printers; our SC105 interface is recommended for those applications.

Communication Rate Up to 115,200 bps
Operating Temperature Range -25° to +50°C
Operating Relative Humidity Range Up to 95% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements Data logger’s 5 V supply (For additional current, up to 10 mA may be used by the connected DCE device.)



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