SpectroSense2+ SpectroSense2+

The meter features automatic data logging and a solar radiation integration function as MJ/day solar energy. You will be able to record the measurement position using user-defined labels or actual latitude and longitude via a GPS receiver. The 'Hold' button allows the user to freeze the display for easy viewing of all real-time measurements. The meter's memory has storage for up to 16 calibration factors for a straightforward interchange of sensors as required. Free software is included to download the SpectroSense2+ memory to a PC. Datafiles are simple ASCII format for direct use with spreadsheets such as Excel. The range of Skye sensors for use with the SpectroSense2+ meter includes PAR, red/far-red, total solar radiation, lux, UV and custom wavelength sensors. We are able to supply calibrated sensors to match most satellite wavebands.

  • SpectroSense2+ is an 8-channel logger & meter
  • Designed for single-channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel sensor types
  • Can also be used with light sensors from most other manufacturers
  • SpectroSense2+displays and logs from 8 sensors or channels
  • Displays sensor ratios for NDVI calculations
  • Hold & store functions
  • Ideal for ground truth measurements


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