Spectrum SpecWare 9 Pro Software
Spectrum SpecWare 9 Pro Software
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  • Spectrum SpecWare 9 Pro Software download data from SpectrumWeather.com
  • Enter the adjustment values for calibrated sensors, and Spec 9 Pro will apply them before saving the data.
  • Graph on-the-fly with an interactive graphing window.
  • Build, customize and save your most important report formats or choose from thirteen standard reports.
  • Add optional insect and disease models to forecast pest pressures and reduce pesticide costs. Produce reports with graphs for each pest.
  • Set a frost alarm that will call your mobile phone or pager at frost temperatures or other sensor conditions.
  • Automate logger downloads with wireless or directly connected stations. Generate scheduled log files for data-to-web applications or create an XML file that can be posted on the web.
  • Find and use data easily with an open file management system. All logger data is stored in one file per month, simplifying data sharing and exporting.
  • Import data files from other applications.
  • International features include handling date, time and numbers with regional formats, setting English or other languages, and Metric or US measurements.
  • SpecWare 9 software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.


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