Electric Anchor Load Cells


  • Sisgeo Electric Anchor Load Cells consists of a ring-shaped stainless steel body which incorporates from 8 to 16 electrical resistance strain gauges in full bridge configuration.
  • Typical applications include performance testing of anchor systems in tunneling or deep excavations.
  • The cell design minimizes the sensitivity to the eccentric load. Anchor load cells are available in a variety of ranges and diameters.
  • A very stiff distribution plate is supplied, in order to ensure that the load is applied equally over the annular loading surface of the cell.
  • Readings are obtained with C6003 pocket size digital indicator, GALVANI load cell readout, ADK-100 automatic data acquisition system or wireless technology.
Full scale capacity kN from 300 to 2500 kN
Overload 1.5 X Full scale
Sensitivity 0.06% FS
Accuracy Pol. MPE (1) < ±0.5% FS
Thermal zero shift < 0.005% FS / °C
Signal output

1.5 mV/V at FS

2.0 mV/V only for 2500 kN FS

Power supply from 2V DC to 10V DC
Bridge resistance

700 Ω FS from 300 to 750 kN (8 strain gauges)

1400 Ω FS from 1000 to 2500 kN (16 strain gauges)

Operating temperature range -30°C +70°C
Compensated temperature range -30°C +70°C
Material stainless steel 17-4 PH
Electric insulation > 5 GΩ
Protection IP68 up to 100 kPa



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