08.02.SA Sand/Kaolin Box For pF-Determination

Sand-/kaolinbox for pF determination (pF 2.0 - 2.7) with an electronically-controlled suction level control system. Standard set for maximal ca. 40 soil sample rings.


  • The standard set for pF-determinations pF 2.0 - 2.7 (0.1 - 1 bar) consists of a sand/kaolin box with control panel, an electronical suction level control system (pressure range 0 - 600 hPa) with integrated control panel, pressure sensor and 10 l tank, containers with synthetic sand, a container with kaolin clay and various accessories.
  • Eijkelkamp 08.02.SA Sand/Kaolin Box For pF-Determination suitable for a maximum of 40 soil sample rings.
  • The pF-determinations are executed on samples in the soil sample rings (100 cc).
  • A soil sample ring kit must be available also as well as cases with soil sample rings and aluminium soil sample boxes.
  • A balance and a drying oven are part of the minimum equipment.
  • The laboratory table should be level and isolated against vibration.
  • Before the measuring of the pF can be started the various parts must be mounted and the drain must be fitted with a filter cloth.
  • Next, the sand/kaolin box is filled in the proper manner with water, synthetic sand and kaolin clay (the sand/clay filling should not contain any air or water pockets).
  • Excess drainage water is removed applying the automatic suction level control system.
  • The different suction on the samples is realized using the vacuum pump.
  • For the determination of the complete pF-range (0 - 2.7) the sandbox and the sand/kaolin box can be applied in one single set up next to each other.
  • A filled box can be used for several years if it is inundated with water after each test.
  • A copper ring prevents algal growth.
Maximum number of samples 40
Measured parameters pF
Measuring range 2.0 - 2.7 pF
Power supply line voltage
Reading accuracy 0.01 bar
Sample specification undisturbed
Sample stored in ring
Package size 145 x 62 x 52 cm
Voltage 110 - 240 volt
Weight 108 kg
Applications Soil physical laboratory research, pF determination in the lab, Irrigation research


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