08.25.SA Set For pF-Determination With Ceramic Plates
08.25.SA Set For pF-Determination With Ceramic Plates
Soil , Soil Infiltration

Set for pF determination with ceramic plates, minimal standard set, (0.1...15 bars of suction)


  • Eijkelkamp 08.25.SA Set For pF-Determination With Ceramic Plates suitable for the determination of pF-curves in the range pF 2.0 - 4.2 (0.1 - 15 bar of suction).
  • Suitable for the calibration of soil moisture blocks or soil moisture measurement equipment.
  • The standard set contains two extractors with ceramic plates (0.1 MPa, 0.3 MPa and 1.5 MPa, resp. 1, 3 and 15 bar) and accessories, soil sample rings, a pressure control panel and a compressor.
  • Several ceramic plates with soil samples can be placed in the extractor at the same time.
  • The pressure control panel is standard equipped with two manometers 0 - 2 MPa and 0- 0.4 MPa (resp. 0 - 20 bar and 0 - 4 bar).
  • The included compressor (220V - 50 Hz) is specifically designed for this purpose: maximum pressure of 2.0 MPa (20 bar), built-in safety precautions, completely guarded and quiet.
  • When knowing the soil moisture characteristics it is possible to determine/calculate the pore volume of the soil, the pore size distribution of the soil, the capillary-rise capacity, the air and moisture content of the soil with a given groundwater level, determination of field capacity and available soil moisture, and soil suction research in relation to germination time of seeds.
Maximum number of samples 48
Measuring range 1.8 - 4.2 pF
Power supply line voltage
Reading accuracy < 4 bar 0.02 bar
Sample specification disturbed
Package size 120 x 80 x 135 cm
Voltage 230 volt
Applications Soil physical laboratory research, pF determination in the lab, Irrigation research


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