DIK-2610 DIK-2610
DIK-2610 Automatic Mill And Sieve For Soil
  • Ideal for soil crushing/sieving in environmental analysis 
  • Much shorter time for sample pretreatment
  • Parallel, rapid processing of crushing and sieving of various samples
  • Non-dust function for handling radioactive-contaminated soil
  • Soil crushing and 2-mm sieving can be performed concurrently with only one machine
  • Crushing and the sieving of the soil of φ2mm or less can be done at the same time.
  • All the processes can be done without putting out dust at all. Therefore, there is no worry about the health hazard by inhaling dust.
  • There is no soil dust go out from the equipment, so the dust collector is unnecessary.
  • Since this equipment is a compact design, it is possible to set up them in most of the laboratory.
  • Because all the process are done in the airtight container, the cleaning time will be greatly reduced. It is used to taking a long time to clean up soil dust more than the crushing and the sieving of the soil samples.
  • Working hours can be shortened, and it corresponds to a large amount of sample processing by improving the working efficiency of crushing and the riddle division process.
Outside Dimensions W750×D670×H700mm   (Exclude projection)
Weight 160kg
Operation  time 30~120 sec
Adjustable speed 10~80 rpm/s
Power supply AC100V max2.5A
Processing capacity Air-dried soil 150g (container) ×4=600g


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