DSR Asphalt Rheometer
DSR Asphalt Rheometer

This rheometer offers greater ease of use and better performance within a compact integrated unit. Because it is designed for asphalt and is only sold into the asphalt industry, the rheometer is optimised specifically for asphalt. This means that it out-performs general-purpose or adapted rheometers in terms of accuracy, throughput and ease of use.

Sample Throughput

Every feature of the design has been implemented with the goal of minimising the time required to make each measurement. This includes loading the sample through to reaching thermal equilibrium, collecting the data and finally cleaning the unit. 

Temperature Control

To fully optimise temperature control, this rheometer incorporates a clean and easy to use the system which completely immerses the sample in a temperature-controlled liquid (patented). For testing bituminous materials, this design out-performs all other types of temperature control including forced gas convection ovens and radiatively heated plates. 

Gap Setting

The gap can easily be changed to any desired value. For simplicity, both of the specification testing positions are clearly marked and can be easily selected. With most rheometer systems, the gap must be constantly reset during a day's testing and must be readjusted every time the temperature or the measuring systems are changed. 

Air Bearing Type

This unit incorporates an air bearing. It requires a supply of compressed air and is warranted to withstand even the most adverse industrial laboratory environments. 


Easy to use, Windows driven software is standard for AASHTO specification and grade determination testing is supplied with the PC, BM522.

  • Optimised for high throughput
  • Meets & exceeds AASHTO designation T315 and meets all ASTM requirements
  • Simple to use, proven design
  • Precise and stable temperature control (patented)
  • Rapid sample equilibrium to set temperature
  • Significant reduction in the need for regular re-calibration of temperature
  • Preset gaps for AASHTO tests - no zeroing necessary
  • Automatic Expansion Compensation keeps gap constant with temperature
  • Compact, integrated unit with a small footprint
  • Dedicated AASHTO specification software package available (see BM522) including:
    - Pass/Fail medium temperature original binder test (T315-11)
    - Pass/Fail high-temperature RTFO binder (T315-11)
    - Pass/Fail high-temperature PAV binder (T315-11)
    - Linearity test (T315-12)
    - Grade determination test (R29-02)



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