Round Bottom Straight Wall Cups
Round Bottom Straight Wall Cups

A complex mixture of ball clays into a moderately fired ceramic body. Good porosity and good hydrologic flow capability. The material is moderately hard and tannish-white in colour, not recommended for fluid sampling. Recommended for specialized applications where the pressure differentials are under 3 Bars (43.5 psi). Typical bubbling pressure: 46 - 70 psi. Effective pore size: 0.7 microns. Hydraulic conductivity: .00000025 cm/sec. Approximate porosity: 34% vol. Flow-through. All cups are "as cast".

  • Soil Water Retention
  • Soil Physics
  • Mining
Diameter 0.375 inches (tol. +0.030/-0.000"), 0.953 cm (tol. +0.076 /-0.000 cm)
Length 1.125 inches (tol. +/-0.063"), 2.858 cm (tol. +/-0.160 cm)
Wall Thickness 0.063 inches (+0.030/-0.000"), 0.160 cm (+0.076/-0.000 cm)
Weight 0.07 oz/1.91 gms


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