10.01 Monitoring Well Pipes & Accessories
Water , Water Sampling


Monitoring well pipes are used to compose monitoring wells and piezometers. Monitoring well pipes are available in different materials and diameters, and are supplied in PE packaging. All pipes have the following properties:

  • Free of dust and sawdust.
  • Demonstrably very low level of leaching.
  • Large open surface.
  • Normalized slit width (0.3 mm).

HDPE pipes with screwthread connection

These pipes cause no water pollution and provide high monitoring quality. HDPE provides satisfactory results, and it is much cheaper than Teflon. The pipes are provided with leak-proof threaded connections. The pipes are easily connected during sinking, and a  smooth well pipe is realized. Suitable for deep monitoring wells.

HDPE pipes with clamping socket connections

These HDPE pipes are provided with a  clamping socket and have a thin wall. The pipes are suited for application in wells that monitor the first water containing layer at 6 meter at most.

PVC pipes without trace metals with connection mouths

These PVC pipes are produced with a fully organic stabilizer, causing no contamination. The pipes can be used for all organic and anorganic analysis. The pipes are provided with waterproof connection mouths, no glue is required for mounting. A sturdy slim well pipe is realized.

Accessories for well pipes:

  • Top and bottom caps for all pipes.
  • Filter gauze from unique specially produced
  • un-oiled yarn, used to prevent silting up.
  • Hand operated bailer boring equipment for
  • the usual drilling of a well (see P1.02).
  • Electrical percussion hammer, used for installation
  • of small diameter wells (see P1.10).


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