hcdar-61 hcdar-61 hcdar-61



HCDAR-61 has antenna of PVDF completely, suitable for measuring of any kinds of strong corrosive liquids. Also can be used for slightly condensation.

  • small beam angle, energy concentrated, stronger ability anti-interference, the accuracy and reliability are greatly improved.
  • small size antenna, convenient for installing. 
  • smaller measuring blind zone, works well for small tank
  • shorter wavelength, more suitable for measuring the level of small particle materials
  • non-contact measurement,  no abrasion, no pollution.
  • signal output has two options: two-wire 4-20mA @HART or four-wire RS485 @MODBUS protocol , four-wire power supply can reach 12V DC as low as possible.
Application Corrosive liquids
Measuring Range 0 - 20 m
Connection Process Thread, Flange
Medium Temperature -40 - 120 ℃
Process Pressure -0.1 - 0.3 MPa
Accuracy ±5 mm
Signal Output 4 - 20 mA HART / RS485 Modbus
Explosion-Proof Grade Exia IIC T1-T6 Ga
Protection Grade IP 68
Frequency Range 26 GHz



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