• Groundwater level monitoring, pump tests, slug tests etc.

• Stream, lake and reservoir water level measurement.

• Wetland and flood water monitoring.

• Coastal monitoring.

• Tank level measurement.

• Long term continuous monitoring in boreholes, surface water and seawater applications.

• Process applications.

• Flood warning systems.

  • 0.05% FS accuracy.
  • Titanium body.
  • SDI-12, RS485/MODBUS direct out communications.
  • Vented option available
  • LeveLine Mini-CTD version available for salinity and EC measurements.
Temperature ranges Operational: -20-80° C (-4-176° F)
Storage: -40-80° C (-40-176° F)
Compensated: -20-80° C (-4-176° F)
Diameter 22mm
Length 87mm
Weight 120g
Materials Titanium body, Delrin nose cone
Output options Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, Aquaread proprietary
Battery type & life 3.6V lithium; up to 10 years (see note 1)
External power 6 - 24 VDC


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