Seba Qualilog-8

Equipped with up to 12 sensors, by which 16 different water quality parameters can be measured, the SEBA multiparameter sensors provide reliable informations about the conditions at the measuring site. The multiparameter sensors MPS represent the consequent further development of the SEBA multiparameter product line. The calibration will be performedvia user friendly software SEBAConfig. The Availability of high data quality is the base for proper evaluation of the hydrological enviroment. To display the measured values the MPS sensors can be combined with the SEBA electric contact meter (mainly for ground water) or with the SEBA MPSChecker (mainly for surface water). Continuously monitored measuring sites can be equipped with SEBA data loggers with or without data transmission (e.g.Unilog) or with integrated logger. Designed for robust use in the field the sensors perform under roughest conditions like e.g. in tropic, arid and arctic enviroments. Rugged and ready for all usesin the field they measure with optimum precision. SEBA sensors stand out due to high long-term stability (optical sensors) together with low maintenancerequirements and can be used as stationary or mobile sensors.



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