RV 7
RV 7

RV7 is a non-contact 24.125/24.200 GHz RADAR based velocity sensor that uses Doppler Effect to produce velocity data of a moving surface. The measurement can be widely used for hydrological monitoring, flood control, and environmental pollution monitoring. Non-contact surface flow measurement is simple, free from water corrosion, silt or slurry. It also protects the safety of personnel. The velocity present on a surface is typically within 10% of the average velocity. There is an empirical algorithm that yields to an accurate determination of the average velocity from the measurement of the surface velocity at a known flume.
RV7 works not only for the usual environmental monitoring; it is particularly suited to undertake urgent and difficult observation tasks. Incorporating with Delta-Phase’s GDC controller and various types of level gauges, RV7 can be used as a cross-sectional area/velocity based flow meter for measuring flow rate of non-standard open channel and non-full pipe.

  • Non-contact measurement, no silt, slurry or polluted water impact, reduced maintenance costs;
  • Extra-large measuring angle: 12° Azimuth, 24° Elevation;
  • IP68 protection, especially for waste water treatment; measurement and monitoring of sewerage pipelines or other environments;
  • Variety modes of measurement: fixed on tripod on bridge or shore, fixed installation under bridge, and cableway flow measurement;
  • Smart echo algorithm and software filtering to get accurate velocity value without environmental interference;
  • The averaged velocity is calculated by the surface velocity based on different mathematic models;
  • When combined with composite GDC level sensor, RV7 can be used to measure flow rate of non-standard open channel and non-full pipes without primary device


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