MC4000 In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System
MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement
  • MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System Features

     Automatic kiln shutdown and shutdown alarm based on the MC level
     Provides MC measurement for kiln temperature ranges of 70˚- 300˚ F
     Open architecture integrates with virtually any computerized kiln controller
     Large sensing zone to obtain average MC between sensors
     Displays MC of lumber above and below the fiber saturation point
     Provides precise and repeatable MC measurement for consistent results at end point

The MC4000 Software provides instant information which enables a kiln operator to prevent overdrying and degrade. View real time on-screen trends of MC measured between the sensors so you can perform changes immediately before degrade occurs. The software allows you to study average drying performance by each individual kiln or kiln charge.
Online diagnostics and software upgrade capability.

Every MC4000 In-Kiln System has a built-in modem that allows Wagner to perform remote, online diagnostics, upgrades, and troubleshooting providing you with superior customer support.

Why do you need the MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System?
 Saves money by cutting the high costs of degrade due to overdrying
 Minimizes or eliminates inefficient manual hot checks therefore reducing labor costs
 Can integrate with your existing kiln control system
 Helps improve grade to increase your bottom line

Power Requirements 100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC
7amp, Single Phase 50-60HZ
Operating Environment Ambient Temperature Range Sensors:
In-Kiln 70˚ F to 300˚ F
Console: 50˚ F - 110˚ F
Operator Interface • Personal Computer
• Monitors up to 12 PKU Consoles
PKU • Operates up to 9 sensors
• Solid State Shutdown Relay
• NEMA 4-Rated
Sensor Clamps Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Clamps
Stainless Steel Probe Wires
Sensor Probes 4’ and 8’ Lengths
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
Sensor Cables Non-corrosive stainless steel cables rated to withstand up to 300˚ F
Sending Units 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
Rated to withstand up to 300˚ F
Certifications for Compliance • FCC Certification:
MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln System is certified to comply with FCC Rules and Regulations Part 15 for operation in industrial settings.



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