Sisgeo Deformometer And Mechanical Jointmeters
Deformometer And Mechanical Jointmeters

The triaxial jointmeter consists of two components. One component is a rigid arm that spans the crack. It holds a precision-ground reference block.

The other component holds the dial gauge so that it can obtain measurements of three sides of the reference block.

The tell-tale crack monitor is a simple, plastic device that is be installed across fissures to provide measurements in one or two directions.

Sisgeo Deformometer And Mechanical Jointmeters a large range of mechanical crackmeters (jointmeters) are produced to suit all the client requests.

  • The removable deformeter allows to measure relative movements between two reference pins positioned across the joint (fissure).
  • Supplied with carrying case it has a precise sliding rail with adjustable base length.
  • Uniaxial and 3-D (triaxial) mechanical jointmeters are available to monitor joints and cracks.
  • The movements between the two anchors are obtained with mechanical dial gauge.
  • Simple and cheap, the TT-1 tell-tale crack-monitor installed across a fissure allows the crack survey in two directions.



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