20.07 Flap Gouge Auger
  • For depth specific sampling in dry or wet material
  • Eijkelkamp 20.07 Flap Gouge Auger standard set for sampling to a depth of 2 m
  • An apparatus for depth specific sampling in dry or wet firm material.
  • The slender construction enables easy penetration of (top) layers.
  • In this way the sample can be taken at a specific depth.
  • Not suited for use in hard soils or similar material.
  • Very useful for ¬†taking samples in drums, tanks, bags and big bags from for instance powder, grain, granulates (< 3 mm) and pastes.
  • The standard set consists of a stainless steel flap gouge auger, a top piece, extension rods and various accessories.
  • The whole can be transported in a solid carrying bag.

Flap gouge auger for depth specific samplings in dry or wet material, standard set to a depth of 2 m

Connection Screw thread
Maximum sample depth 2 m 
Point or Profile Point Sampling
Sample Length 25 cm
Sample Volume 47 mL
Sample Specification semi-disturbed


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