MJK mA-Bus Converter™ used when a measured value from a transmitter with analog mA signal is to be shown on an MJK display or made available to a SCADA system.

  • Translates any mA signal to Modbus® and can be used together with any MJK display series for flow, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc.
  • There are two configurations of the mA-Bus Converter™: one is in the standard MJK field housing with blind lid or display, the other is in the MJK wide field housing with a wide display and numeric keys.
  • The measured values are converted into Modbus values and displayed as engineering units.
  • The large built-in data logger of the display unit offers 160.000 time-stamped entries for one channel of the 4-20mA inputs.
  • A trend curve of the loggings for the overview by the local operator is easily retrieved and shown in the display simply by activating a one-push button on the unit.
  • The logged values can then be transferred as csv files to a PC.
  • By adding the plug-in Bus communication module to the MJK display series for flow, dissolved oxygen, turbidity etc,
  • The translated mA to Modbus® signal can be forwarded to PLC/SCADA as Profibus® or Modbus®.


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