Water Quality Dipper KLL-Q-2

NEW: Communication via Bluetooth directly with the robust HDA-Pro Tablet PC

Integrated data logger for automatic and manual data recording


• Water level
• Temperature
• Conductivity
- total disolved solids(TDS)
- salinity
- water density
• Oxygen
- Oxygen saturation
• pH-value
• Redox (ORP)
• Ammonia
• Nitrate
• Chloride
• Ammonium
• Sodium
• Calcium
• Fluoride
• Potassium
• Chlorophyll a
• Cyanobacteria
• Rhodamine WT
• Turbidity
- total suspended solids(TSS)

Individually configurable:
The KLL-Q-2 can be adapted and tailored to the desired measuring task. The choices are cable drums of varying sizes with cable lengths of 30 to 400 meters and three multiparameter sensors (MPS-D3/D8/K16), which can be equipped with a variety of water quality sensors.

Versatile applications:
The KLL-Q-2 is suitable for the sampling of lakes and reservoirs as well as for monitoring of groundwater measuring points starting from 2" pipe diameter.

The printed round cable allows an exact lowering of multiparameter probe to the desired measuring depth. Thus, profile measurements can be carried out in a very short time. Optionally, an integrated logger is available which automatically stores all relevant measurement data manually by pressing a key as at predetermined intervals.

Compact and user-friendly:
The KLL-Q-2 with its robust aluminum support frame can be easily transported from one measuring point to another. For operation and display, the user is equipped with a membrane keypad and LCD. Calibration or adjustment of the sensors using the SEBA operating software is done over the integrated RS232 interface with a connected multiparameter sensor ConfigPC.


Multiparameter probe MPS-D3 type

Multiparameter probe MPS-D8 type

Multiparameter probe MPS-K16 type

Support Frame Aluminium
Cable Drum Shock-resistant plastic
Protection Class IP54
Lengths 30m/ 50m / 80m/ 100m/ 150m/ 200m/ 300m/ 400m
Material PE jacket, printed with cm/ dm/ m scaling, food safe
Accuracy <1cm at 100m cable length
Logger (option) Controller 16Bit Flash controller with integrated WatchDog RTC-IC Real Time Clock
Memory capacity 16 MB
Power supply 4 x 2V lead-acid batteries, rechargeable



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