The 108 is a rugged, accurate probe that measures the temperature of the air, soil, or water from -5° to +95°C. It easily interfaces with most Campbell Scientific dataloggers and can be used in a variety of applications.

The 108 consists of a thermistor encapsulated in an epoxy-filled aluminium housing. The housing protects the thermistor. allowing you to bury the probe in soil or submerge it in water.

Sensor Description BetaTherm 100K6A1IA Thermistor
Tolerance ±0.2°C (over 0° to 70°C range)
Temperature Measurement Range -5° to +95°C
Steinhart-Hart Equation Error ≤ ±0.01°C over measurement range (CRBasic data loggers only)
Polynomial Linearization Error Typically < ±0.5°C over -5° to 90°C range (Edlog data loggers only)
Time Constant in Air 30 to 60 s (in a wind speed of 5 m s-1)
Maximum Submergence 15 m (50 ft)
Maximum Cable Length 305 m (1000 ft)
Probe Diameter 0.76 cm (0.3 in.)
Probe Length 10.4 cm (4.1 in.)
Weight 136 g (5 oz) with 3.05 m (10 ft) cable


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