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kll mini
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Electric Contact Meter Type KLL-Mini
  • Mobile Pocket handset to determine the water level to a depth of 15m in monitoring wells from Ø 1"
  • Optical and acoustic signal upon contact with water
  • Extensible functionality (basic button, saltwater probe cap etc.)

Small, handy, light:
The KLL-Mini is specifically designed for shallow groundwater monitoring wells with a 10 m or 15m measurement range. It is by no means inferior to its big brothers, neither qualitatively or functionally (KLL, electric water level gauge, KLL-Light), but  owing to the compact design, it is much lighter and easier to handle. The KLL-Mini comes standard with visual and audible signal. The two 1.5V batteries power the handset for approximately 250 measurements.

With the help of an additional basic key, the KLL-Mini can also be used for depth sounding. For measuring points with high or very low salinity, special solder compounds are available.

Measurement Principle Electric contact
Sensor Material Stainless steel, nickel-plated brass tip
Sensor Protection Class IP 68
Cable Drum Flexible, temperature-resistant plastic
Cable Drum Protection Class IP 54
Cable Lengths 10m, 15m
Material 2-core flat cable, polyethylene with stainless steel braids and a copper core
Scaling black cm-division, dm-numbering, red meter figures
Accuracy <1 cm
Power Supply 2 x 1.5V alkaline manganese batteries


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